Citrus Honey

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Delight your taste buds with this monofloral variety of honey, evoking memories of warm spring days.
• This light colored honey is gathered from beehives located in a citrus grove on the eastern side of California’s San Joaquin Valley.
• The honey is mild and sweet in flavor, with delightful overtones of lemon. It tastes delicious on freshly baked bread and pairs well with herbal and green teas.
• The honey is lightly filtered to remove the larger chunks of wax, but still contains beneficial pollen, propolis, and wax.
• Our honey is extracted and bottled in small batches.
• Raw honey crystallizes. Store in a warm place, never the refrigerator. If it does crystallize, place in warm water for several minutes. This doesn’t change the taste of the honey.
• Never serve honey to an infant under one year of age.

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