Our Story




At Electric Blue Bee Bop we believe in the importance of life, balance, and self. Founded in 2017, our purpose is creating quality products that bring enjoyment into our lives, give us a moment to take a breath from busy lifestyles, and nurture ourselves with natural, ethically sourced ingredients.

We are an online boutique specializing in small batch and handcrafted items, perfect for self care and taking a moment to relax and appreciate the moment.

We’re located in Reedley California, where the motto is, “The World’s Fruit Basket”.  Many of our products are beeswax based, and we’re able to source beeswax from local beekeepers, and support local agriculture.

Part of balance is also figuring out what to make for dinner, or host a party. We’ve included time saving recipes and tips to make what is often time consuming, easier and less stressful. Check out our blogs and recipe sections on our website.

You can find us online and at local events. We deliver locally, and ship nationwide.